National Confederation of Indigenous Horse Societies ( NCIHS ) under the patronage of Indigenous Horse Society of India has started the work of DNA parentage with the help and guidance of Stud Book Authority of India (SBAI ) and has started the Stud Book of Indigenous Horses to maintain pedigree record of all registered indigenous horses. The laboratory of Stud Book Authority of India is a recognized lab by the International Society of Animal Genetic USA and is the ONLY organization to do the work of DNA parentage in India. Stud Book Authority of India’s work is done scientifically and they have maintained pedigree record of thoroughbred horses over hundreds of years. There is no better facility than SBAI and we urge all indigenous horse owners to avail this opportunity so that future lineage and pedigree of our indigenous horses is maintained and recorded.

IHSI signs MOU with RWITC at Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Mumbai on 9th May, 2016


NCIHS Delegation at RWITC, Bombay

NCIHS with breeders of Pune

Microchipping Badshah Pasand at Nawalgarh

Reading microchip at Ransigaon

Collection of hair sample at Dundlod