Objectives & Missions

The IHSI is non-profit organisation

The IHSI is managed by a General Assembly who meets to review the local activities, create new goals and debate the rapidly increasing interest in our breed by foreign visitors.

Both the Kathiyawari and Marwari are on the restricted export list, which poses a new challenge for the IHSI, to monitor exploitation of foreign buyers by breeders who can not handle the export regulations correctly and conversely "hit and run" buyers who may not appreciate the rarity of this breed.

The I.H.S.I is a Government registered and recognised association dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the Indigenous Horses of India.

It was created by founder members, such as Raja Bhupat Singh, Kr.Raghuvendra Singh Dundlod and Honourable Member for Life Francesca Kelly in the year 1999, in the presence of H.H.Maharaja Gaj Singhji of Jodhpur to support sustainable breeding programmes and create an umbrella society by which independent associations and breeders can interface with the appropriate ministries at the Government level.

Without direct involvement from Central Government the face of India's horse lies in the hands of private patrons and breeders in a constantly changing economical climate.

Global warming is just one of the major issues impacting the welfare of India's horses. Dryer winters, increasingly high temperatures during extended summers, depleted water tables and rainfall have created systemic droughts throughout Rajasthan in particular. Well water contains high level of arsenic.

Breeders and farmers with resources nonetheless, will bring in fodder from Central India or Punjab, often as far as 500 miles away.

Help support the organisation that supports others.

Currently there are no government subsidies or grants allocated to the Indigenous horses of India. Funds are channelled to other livestock such as cattle, sheep, goats and camels as these animals are deemed indispensable and provide income in the rural areas.

Of particular importance are the 2 primary breeds of indigenous horse : the Kathiyawari and the Marwari. The IHSI functions as the foremost representative for India's magnificent horse and our tasks include the registrations of true to breed horse, maintaining the stud book, handling export for international buyers and donating valuable semen from top quality stallions to increase the gene pool.

The IHSI offers farriery and stable management, lectures and demonstrations, and graduates young riders so they may establish a career for themselves in the equestrian industries.

Help and information is available to raise the standard of hands on care so as to constantly pursue excellence of the breeds characteristics as laid out in the official breed standards.